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Richmond mom set up fundraiser to support children battling cancer

A Richmond mom set up an organization to help children and their families battle cancer.

If Richmond could be described with one word, it would be “heartwarming” according to Richmond resident and mom Ivy Chen.

Chen held a fundraiser to help children battle cancer and to support their families at the Steveston Farmers and Artisans Market during the long weekend.

The weekend’s event raised a total of $758.35, something Chen felt emotional about.

“Although it’s Gold Ribbon (a local non-profit)’s first in-person event, the outcome is a huge success. The donations will benefit so many families to make them feel less lonely or helpless in their beloved ones’ cancer recovery journeys,” she said.

Chen told the Richmond News that Gold Ribbon was founded to help children and their families to fight against cancer. 

“What I care now is supporting more children and families affected by cancer,” said Chen. 

Chen also stressed that the fundraiser’s success was a result of many volunteers’ hard work, including a young child cancer survivor who stepped up to help. 

“This lovely, brave young girl voluntarily joined our weekend’s fundraiser to give out flyers and shared her recovery journey for the first time. It took lots of courage for a young girl to do so and she is just amazing,” she said.

“She told me that she had received lots of emotional support from families, friends and strangers while battling with cancer. Therefore, she wants to give back by helping out more children.”

As seen in photos, the fundraiser featured a wishing wall written with love messages for children, a variety of handcrafted toys and artwork made by donors. 

Chen said it’s heartwarming to see people showing love for children living with cancer.