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Richmond food lovers to celebrate Lunar New Year in togetherness through cooking

A series of online cooking workshops will be rolled out monthly this year.
Chef Yuyina Zhang is happy to introduce two of her favourite dishes to the local food lovers.

Richmond food lovers are invited to celebrate the upcoming Lunar New Year by cooking some new Asian dishes. 

On Jan. 29, chef Yuyina Zhang will go online to share two signature dishes from her hometown in China. 

 “Chinese New Year is the time when I particularly miss my family and hometown. That is why I will be cooking Yunnan ghost chicken salad and a new golden chestnut pastry dessert that I have designed,” said Zhang, noting that these two dishes also carry special meaning. 

The Yunan ghost chicken salad has won numerous awards for Zhang, which even improved her restaurant’s ranking to 70 in Canada’s 100 best restaurants, according to Zhang, who will be cooking from a Richmond kitchen when going online. 

“I am happy to share the secrets behind the dish,” she added. 

As part of the EverythingGoesVirtual, an initiative initially created by event planners across Metro Vancouver, the online culinary workshop aims to provide meaningful experiences for the public to have fun together while being “alone” at home. 

Event organizer Helen Yu said food plays a vital role in Asian culture, which includes sitting at the dinner table to enjoy food and wine while sharing some jokes. 

“Besides that, many people have turned to baking and cooking over the past two years. Now it’s time to test your culinary skills and try some new recipes,” said Yu. 

To ensure all participants feel engaged throughout the whole cooking process, chef Zhang will review the progress of the event attendees and give them live feedback, added Yu. 

“Participants are also free to ask questions and communicate with fellow chefs during cooking sessions. These lively interactions (are better than) watching a cooking video on YouTube. ”

For people who cannot join the Lunar New Year cooking session, another four online cooking workshops will be rolled out monthly - lasting from February to June. 

In addition, funds raised through those events will be donated to Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives.

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