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Richmond entrepreneurs named to Vancouver's 50 most influential people list

Vancouver Magazine named two Richmond entrepreneurs to its list of the 50 most powerful people in Vancouver.
Nature’s Path Foods is a family-owned company that has been producing solely organic food since 1985, founded by Arran Stephens (third from left).

Two Richmond entrepreneurs have been named among Vancouver's 50 most influential people, according to Vancouver Magazine's annual rankings. 

And Arran and Ratana Stephens, founders of Richmond-based Nature's Path - a family-owned producer of organic food with 500 employees – believe putting employees high in the pecking order is at the roots of their continued success.

They have been offering a $2 an hour raise to each team member since the beginning of the pandemic, read the Vancouver Magazine. 

The couple, who made to the list at number 46, has also installed virus-destroying ultraviolet lights at their three plants for their employees. 

In addition to taking care of employees' health, in the past year alone, Nature's Path has donated $3 million to Vancouver General Hospital's Withdrawal Management Centre and another $1 million to establish the Stephens Family Fellowship in Gastroenterology. 

Meanwhile, Stanley Park's coyotes were also spotted on the Power 50 list after "successfully pressuring the Park Board to close up Vancouver's biggest park in early September."

"Attacking innocent civilians in broad daylight so frequently that humans are banned for a month from experiencing the woods or seawall? That's what we call a power play," read the introduction about coyotes in Vancouver Magazine. 

The annual list compiles the 50 most influential people in the city who are "change-makers and power players shaping our world in 2022," read the Vancouver Magazine. 

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