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Update: Richmond dim sum joint reopens after being shut down for pest infestation

A routine inspection of the eatery at Richmond Public Market was conducted last week

A dim sum eatery in Richmond Public Market had to shut its doors for one week after a routine inspection revealed unsanitary conditions and pest infestation.

Hong Liu Dim Sum received a closure order on Sept. 14 from Vancouver Coastal Health (VCH) for having five critical infractions including having signs of rodent and insect activity.

It has since reopened on Sept. 21.

According to the VCH inspection report, its premises were also not maintained in a sanitary condition nor were equipment, utensils and food contact surfaces maintained to avoid contamination.

A closure order displayed at the storefront includes instructions for Hong Liu to clean, sanitize and declutter the premises and seal all potential entry points for rodents and insects.

It also has to discard uncovered food that may have been contaminated by rodents or cockroaches and eliminate current active rodent and cockroach activity.

One critical infraction of failure to store potentially hazardous food at a safe temperature was corrected during the inspection.

The dim sum joint also had two non-critical infractions of failure to use temperature records and develop a food safety plan, as well as failure to develop a sanitation plan.

VCH subsequently conducted two follow-up inspections on Sept. 18 and 21 and concluded that Hong Liu no longer had any outstanding critical and non-critical infractions.

A previous routine inspection of Hong Liu in November 2022 revealed seven critical infractions, including the presence of pests, but no closure order was issued.