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Richmond artist launches ‘how-to’ website for nature drawing

Applications for Neighourhood Small Grant are open in early 2022.
Bae Martin was on the scene sketching the bird.

A Richmond nature artist is hoping to share her love of drawing as well as her fascination with all things creepy crawly on her new website Curiosity, Creatively and Beyond website.

Bae Martin launched the “nature journaling” website in January of 2021, which includes her artwork and step-by-step instructional videos on how to draw everything from crocuses to song birds.

However, her offering has recently grown with a new gallery of insects, following to a visit to Beaty Biodiversity Museum at the University of British Columbia.

Martin was allowed to take nine specimens out on loan. Inspired by the various insects, Martin created eight new nature journaling projects, featuring a mantis, cairns birdwing butterfly, a vinegaroon (also known as a whip scorpion) and even a pair of cockroaches. 

“For everyone interested in nature or sketching, you might find many inspirations on the website. Nature sketching could also be a fun and safe activity to do amid the pandemic,” said Martin, adding that these projects have no age limit. 

Martin said her project was made possible thanks to two Neighbourhood Small Grants she received from Richmond Care, Richmond Gives (RCRG).

The first grant she used to launch her website and the second she used to go to the Beaty Biodiversity Museum.

The result, she said, has been the chance to explore and share the beauty of biodiversity through art.

Every year, RCRG distributes grants of up to $500 so individuals can launch and complete small community projects, from block parties to urban gardens. 

Applications for Neighourhood Small Grant are open in early 2022.