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More Canada Line disruptions amid construction next week

Disruption will take place from Aug. 15 to 17.
Capstan Station construction
Construction continues for the new Capstan Station in Richmond.

Canada Line commuters can expect more SkyTrain disruptions next week as more construction continues.

Service between Bridgeport and Richmond-Brighouse stations will end three hours early for three nights from Aug. 15 to 17 for construction crew to work on the new Capstan Station once again.

Crew will be using cranes to continue installing large pieces of steel to connect the top of the station's frames, explained TransLink in a media release.

"The cranes cannot be used safely about the track while trains are in operation," said TransLink.

Extra bus services will be available to take public transit users between Bridgeport, Aberdeen, Lansdowne and Richmond-Brighouse stations after 10:30 p.m.

Trains between Bridgeport and Waterfront will not be affected, and trains between Bridgeport and YVR-Airport will increase by 10 minutes.