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McNair marketing students get lesson in giving back

Richmond McNair Secondary's marketing class students raised a total of $11,127.50 for cancer research over the past ten years.
Last week, senior marketing class students from McNair Secondary raised $2,100 in total for cancer research.

Marketing isn’t always about selling a product, it can also be about giving back to the community, explained McNair secondary’s marketing teacher, Randy Sangha.

That point was driven home last week when his senior marketing student raised $2,100 for cancer research, more than the school has ever raised in the 10 years it’s held the fundraiser.

But it wasn’t the money that got Sangha and his students choked up. It was a message from a cancer patient who read about the school’s marketing campaign on the Community of Richmond’s Facebook page.

“I am sitting here getting my cancer treatment, and I just wanted to share with you to tell your students: thank you for doing this,” wrote someone in a direct message to Sangha.

Sangha said he felt quite emotional reading the message, as did many of the students and staff at McNair.  

This year also marks a milestone for Sangha, who has led his marketing class students to raise what is now a total of $11,127.50 for cancer research over the past ten years.

Sangha said he remembers that in 2013, the first year they did the campaign, they raised a whopping $143. That number rose dramatically every year since. 

"Most of the money comes from the school. The kids don't go out into the community; they hold donut sales and other fundraising events. So, the $11,000 basically has come from staff and students in the school over the last 10 years," said Sangha. 

It shows, according to Sangha, that students are eager to make a difference if given some encouragement.