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Letters: Same people always seem to be elected

A Richmond News readers is lamenting the impression that it's the same old faces after every election at city council
richmond city hall
Richmond City Hall

Dear Editor,

With a municipal election set for Oct. 15, citizens, take a guess what is going to happen in Richmond. One hundred per cent of the “usual suspects” are going to be re-elected.

I have lived in three different countries and three different provinces. Every election saw a nice healthy change. 

In Ontario, I participated in municipal elections, a councillor or two was new. The mayor after three or four terms was replaced.

Not in Richmond, not in B.C. Once you are elected, you have a job for life.

I dare to say that more than 95 per cent of the mayors of B.C. ascend to the throne — no competition, impossible to defeat.

Is this democracy when the results are always the same? What a complete waste of time it is going to vote if you’re someone who wants change.

Out of 250,000 residents, we have less than 10 people competent to run the city and we have to re-elect them for life.

Please join me in lobbying the provincial government  to abolish municipal elections and appoint these people for life. At least then we won’t be wasting taxpayers’ money.

Ivan Gerlach


PS. Please let me know: Has an incumbent mayor ever lost the election in Richmond?

Editor’s Note: In the last four municipal elections, a total of three incumbent city councillors lost their seats.

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