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French pastries cooking classes hosted in Richmond will raise funds to support Ukraine

Cooking event participants will be given an ingredient box once they sign up for the program.
Betty will be demonstrating from ready-made puff pastry as well as the technique from scratch.

Richmondites are invited to learn how to make a fancy French pastry as part of a fundraiser for the people in Ukraine. 

The baking bonanza on March 19 will take place at Richmond’s River Green Presentation Centre, which will be transformed into a studio kitchen for the day.

One professional chef will instruct participant on making French Palmier cookies, explained Helen Yu, the event organizer.

“French palmier cookies might look like it’s going to take a million steps to make, but you can also use frozen puff pastry or learn how to make from scratch this Saturday,” said Yu. 

“Then you can use the fancy-looking desserts to impress your friends.”

Yu noted that the money raised from the $38 registration fee, which includes a box of ingredients as well as feedback on each participant’s work, will be donated to  the Canadian Red Cross’s Ukraine Humanitarian Crisis Appeal. 

Participants can attend the class online. 

Pastry chef Betty Hung, co-owner of Beaucoup Bakery & Cafe, said she is excited to share her secret baking ingredients with more people in mid-March, and hopefully she can inspire more young people to enjoy baking. 

“I started baking at a young age and I’d like to share the experience with aspiring, young bakers. In between running the bakery, writing a cookbook and a blog, I like to give back to the community. Although this time we are helping people far away, I think every effort counts,” said Hung. 

Yu, along with her team members, launched a program called Everything Goes Virtual (EGV) last year and she believes food can bring people together in a way that nothing else can. 

The program rolled out several cooking classes over the past several months with people learning how to cook simple yet delicious Chinese dishes in the comfort of their homes, noted Yu. 

Participants will be given an ingredient box once they sign up for the program. For more information, visit