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Free mooncake baking event and lantern wall in Richmond to celebrate Mid-Autumn Festival

Vancouver Denice Wai will reveal her "secret recipe" for mooncakes on Saturday.
Bronwyn Bailey, marketing manager of Lansdowne Centre, is glad this year they could combine technology with festivals like this.

Do you have an appetite for some Chinese desserts? 

If yes, Lansdowne Centre plans to host a free online mooncake baking class Saturday afternoon to celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival. 

The festival, also known as the Mooncake Festival, begun as a celebration of the bountiful harvest and later evolved as a time for family reunions. 

On this day, many East and Southeast Asian families celebrate it by sharing mooncakes and enjoying lanterns and the moon, which is believed to be brightest at this time of the year. 

To help Chinese-speaking immigrants and people from different cultural backgrounds enjoy the celebration in a fun and safe way, Lansdowne Centre has invited Vancouver chef Denice Wai, founder of the Six Senses Cooking Studio, to hold a free mooncake tutorial workshop. 

To encourage more food lovers to join the event, Wai will reveal her "secret recipe" for making mooncakes stuffed with salted egg yolk and red bean paste. 

"It has always been the tradition for Lansdowne Centre to celebrate festivals with the Chinese community," said Bronwyn Bailey, marketing manager of Lansdowne Centre. 

"Unfortunately, due to the pandemic, we will not be able to bring in the cultural performances and big crowds for safety reasons. However, we are excited that we can celebrate this important festival in a whole new way by inviting everyone to bake together with the help of technology."

People interested in this event can have free access to the baking class, but they need to prepare the right ingredients and supplies in advance. The link to Chef Wai's recipe is attached here:

Meanwhile, a 16 feet long and 10 feet tall lantern wall was set up at Lansdowne Centre yesterday morning, symbolizing a family reunion and praying for good luck. 

The link to the baking workshop will be available on Lansdowne Centre's website before the event: