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Beloved Richmond Asian restaurant closing this week after 25 years

Today is Specialty Chicken and Wonton House's last day to serve the community.

A Richmond Hong Kong-style eatery will close this week after serving the community for more than 25 years. 

Richmondite Shung Tat Ng, owner of Specialty Chicken and Wonton House on Ackroyd Rd., told the Richmond News he is ready to embrace retirement and tick a few things off his bucket list -- including travelling the world.

Since the restaurant announced its closure on its Facebook page last week, dozens of customers have been lining up to have one last bite of the restaurant’s signature dishes - Soy Sauce Chicken and Hainan-Style Chicken. 

Tractor Ang, who had grabbed a table with his wife, said he was devastated to hear the news since Specialty Chicken is one of his favourite go-to restaurants. 

“We are losing another hidden gem in the city, and the staff is like our extended family,” said Ang.

Ng, who is 75, said it was a bittersweet decision to say goodbye to his restaurant and the devoted customers who have supported him along the way. 

“It’s not easy to let it go, but I believe it’s time to start my new chapter,” said Ng. 

Ng emigrated from Hong Kong to Costa Rica in the 1960s, before making Richmond his “forever” home in 1984.

“This restaurant has given us many beautiful memories. Most of my relatives have contributed to Specialty Chicken’s success,” he added.

“My dad passed away before the pandemic, but before that, four generations of my family used to gather here, toss some thoughts around and have a great meal together,” said Ng. 

But, for Ng, the restaurant has not only been the place where memories were made among his family, it has also been the site from where Richmond’s changing landscape could be witnessed -- from the first wave of Hong Kong immigrants in the early 1990s to the more recent influx from mainland China.

To make recent Asian immigrants feel closer to “home,” Ng and his chefs have spent time inventing new dishes -- that’s how their signature dish Soy Sauce Chicken was born.

“Many people told us this dish reminded them of their moms when it was launched in the first week. So then we decided to turn chicken into our main feature dish,” said Ng. “Many people said running a restaurant is lots of hustle, but we had fun working here.” 

The restaurant’s last day of service will be Thursday, April 28.