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Amazon delivery driver ignores City of Richmond warnings, ends up in hole

Here’s why your Amazon parcel was late on Tuesday in Richmond

If you live in the Broadmoor neighbourhood of Richmond and were expecting an Amazon delivery earlier this week, you may have wondered what went wrong.

Turns out your delivery driver tried to take a short cut over some City of Richmond road repairs on Demorest Drive – near Garden City and Francis roads - and ended up getting his van stuck in a crevice between the curb and the plates.

Suffice to say, the incident at around 12:30 p.m. on Tuesday caused a great deal of hilarity on social media, where people were being thankful that it wasn’t another overpass being hit on Highway 99.

While another suggested the driver should have piled some of his parcels into the front seat to balance the van’s weight.

According to one local resident, another Amazon van arrived to help but actually made the situation worse, before the stricken van was eventually towed out later in the afternoon.

City spokesperson Clay Adams told the Richmond News that the city has been doing work to construct a new drop-off curb at the entrance to the Rideau Park Resource Centre, which is operated by the school district.

Adams said that, despite the gap between the steel plate ramps and the curb being marked by cones and a warning barricade, the driver still managed to get stuck.

“Crews are on site today doing the first part of a scheduled laying of asphalt to fill the road section,” he added.