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Richmond Art Gallery, artists hosts free virtual event on Inaction exhibit

Artists will speak about the development and performances in the exhibition.
Inaction exhibit
Performance in Brendan Fernandes' exhibition titled Inaction at the Richmond Art Gallery. Dancers: Kevin Fraser and Rachel Meyer.

The Richmond Art Gallery (RAG) is hosting a virtual event with the artist and dancers of its latest exhibition titled Inaction on April 3.

Canadian artist Brendan Fernandes and dancers Kiara Benn, Charlies Gowin and Rachel Meyer is speaking about the process, development and performances of the exhibit as well as the video documentation of Inaction.

The exhibition, which started in February, was a way for the artists to speak up about the violence faced by queer and people of coloured bodies and aimed to find a potential change in "collective action" through sculptural and performance-based installations by Fernandes. 

Due to the current health order in B.C., RAG cannot host in-person performances of Inaction. Therefore, an online performance will be available on April 3 -- the day the exhibition ends.

Participants can take part in the conversation at the virtual event by listening in and typing their questions to the artists.

The event will be held online via Zoom on April 3 at 1 p.m.

Registration is required at