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In the Community

Library hosts day to honour veterans

The Richmond Public Library is holding a Remembrance Day event on Saturday, Nov. 5 to honour those who fought and gave their lives for their country.

Separating fact from fiction in Judaism

Have you ever wondered where the expression, "an eye for an eye" came from? Or where kosher salt got its name? Or maybe you've wondered about why the pig is the quintessential no-no for Jews? "These are common questions asked by Jewish people, so we

Spoken like a farmer

When my parents moved to Richmond in 1956, people didn't talk about farming, they just farmed. Time passed, farmers died or quit the land, and the number of farms steadily diminished.

Weaving our lives' tapestry

If your life was a straight line -- beginning on the day of your birth and ending with your last day on earth.
PHOTOS: Steveston scarecrows

PHOTOS: Steveston scarecrows

So ya wanna be a writer

Over the years,z publisher Jo Blackmore has seen her fair share of the good, the bad and the really awful.

Magical words evolved over time

Today, most of us regard magic as a form of entertainment associated with particular events, like Halloween, or with performers making objects appear or disappear before our very eyes. To the modern adult, magic is just a lot of hocus-pocus.

Turn pumpkin to soup

'Tis the day after Halloween and the carved pumpkin that brought a smile on the faces of little ghosts and goblins is about to become a shrunken gourd. Pumpkins are full of potassium and vitamins A and C.

Hallowe'en a treat for just-landed immigrant girl

October 1956 began with an adventure of the wrong kind for my mother and me.

Not just a pretty face

In many ways, Richmond is the face of Canadian multiculturalism - and whatever its imperfections, it's a face we can be rightfully proud of.