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Relax, defuse hostility

When I worked in the recreation field, we were trained in the various aspects of customer service. One of the customer service workshops that has continued to be helpful in my counselling professions was on the topic of defusing hostility.

Grade 9s get to work

When I first heard about Take Your Kid to Work Day, I pictured myself at home doing what any teenage boy does best: nothing. I saw myself sleeping past lunch, watching television and playing on my computer. However, my mother had different plans.

Small changes make big differences

Each of us can do something to improve our physical health. It might be increasing our fitness level with more exercise or maintaining a healthy weight by being more mindful of what we eat. Yet change can be intimidating.

Should language bar entrance?

Do you think people should be fluent in English or French before applying for immigration to Canada? That's the question Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) is asking Canadians.

Prank helps community

Grads are renowned for taking part in pranks that wreak havoc on their schools or communities. However, the hoax by McRoberts secondary's graduation class was decidedly different.

2 Chefs set a new Table

The two chefs who brought Vancouver foodies Big Lou's Butcher Shop and 2 Chefs and a Table, have opened up in Richmond. The brains behind the eateries are chef/ owners Allan Bosomworth and Karl Gregg. "We stumbled upon this location," said Gregg, 41.

Stowe takes bite out of cookie market

Lesley Stowe has been a fixture on the Vancouver food scene for four decades, as an author, a caterer, a chef, a tireless promoter of fine foods and, for the last seven years, the proprietor of a small manufacturing facility in Richmond that produces

Spoken like a farmer

When my parents moved to Richmond in 1956, people didn't talk about farming, they just farmed. Time passed, farmers died or quit the land, and the number of farms steadily diminished.

Library hosts day to honour veterans

The Richmond Public Library is holding a Remembrance Day event on Saturday, Nov. 5 to honour those who fought and gave their lives for their country.

Separating fact from fiction in Judaism

Have you ever wondered where the expression, "an eye for an eye" came from? Or where kosher salt got its name? Or maybe you've wondered about why the pig is the quintessential no-no for Jews? "These are common questions asked by Jewish people, so we
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