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Salsa duo snag world title

Alfonso Caldera, the international award-winning salsa dancer, has done it again.


Friday The Music at the Cannery series presents Steve Palmer this Friday July 29 at 6: 30 p.m. at the Gulf of Georgia Cannery, 12138 Fourth Ave.

Insurance key to business in case of personnel loss

Experienced personnel are the building blocks of a successful organization. Their knowledge and skills drive profitability; their relationships and reputations generate goodwill; and their experience ensures sound decisionmaking.

Strategies to help the hard of hearing

As promised, here are additional important tips to help you communicate with a heard of hearing person (HOH). This is the last of three articles on this topic. ? Begin every conversation by positioning yourself in front of the HOH person.

Appreciation can go a long way

I've recently written of the challenges of romantic and marital relationships, how our thoughts of one another can suddenly or gradually shift from the positive to the negative, and how love - without deliberate care and maintenance - can be lost.

Richmond salsa dancer wins world's best

Alfonso Caldera, the international award-winning salsa dancer has done it again.

Driving shouldn't be only option

There's a need for bus, bike routes, less reliance on cars

Cool reads for summer

The Summer Reading Club (SRC) is now in full swing at the Richmond Public Library, with more than 4,800 kids registered so far.

Remembering why we fell in love

In last week's column, I wrote of the expectations and core beliefs about relationships that we each bring to our relationships.

From tasty food to knot tying, there's plenty to try in Richmond

The dog days of summer are upon us, but don't get too comfy in that hammock. There many things to do in the Richmond for singles and family-oriented folk. One unique activity is whale watching.