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Video: What happens when a Scotsman meets three Englishmen in Steveston?

Well, they rarely agree on anything, except that they're all eagerly awaiting Friday's big Euro 2020 soccer clash between England and Scotland

Have you heard the one about the Scotsman and the three Englishmen?

The Scotsman loses.

At least that’s what the trio of Stevestonites of proud English blood will tell you if you ask them what they think the score will be when the two nations renew their ancient rivalry on Friday at the re-arranged Euro 2020 soccer championships in London.

Yes, Iain MacKelworth (despite having a Scottish name), Andy Stokes and Rupert Whiting were in a typically English confident mood when they faced Richmond News reporter and Braveheart wannabe Alan Campbell outside Davood’s bistro on No. 1 Road earlier this week.

Collectively, the three knights of their wee round table are predicting a resounding England win on Friday – hardly surprising given England is likely playing all their games at home and is one of the tournament favourites - while Campbell is letting his heart rule his head and is calling for a stirring 3-2 win for the massive underdog Scots, who hadn't qualified for a major tournament for 23 years.

“I consider every single England game a big game, it doesn’t matter who we’re playing,” said MacKelworth, who owns and operates Steveston Barbers.

“This is a big one though, old school.”

Asked what he remembers of the England-Scotland games as a kid, MacKelworth said, “Lots of shouting at the telly, grandads going crazy, it’s a great rivalry. It’s good though, it’s a nice rivalry. It’s very rousing.”

Stokes, meanwhile, remembers vividly the year, 1977, when Scotland fans invaded the famous Wembley turf at the end of a 2-1 victory and then broke the goalposts.

“It takes a lot to break goalposts,” laughed Stokes.

“I think Scotland must have won that game. I remember your songs being better than ours, way more rousing.

“And Scotland play differently against England than any other team in the world. They would rather lose to everyone else, as long as they beat us.”


MacKelworth: England 4-0 Scotland

Stokes: England 2-1 Scotland

Whiting: England 2-0 Scotland

Campbell: England 2-3 Scotland