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Three interesting buildings to check out in Richmond

The city is full of diverse architecture

Richmond’s buildings might not be the tallest, but they sure do have a lot of architectural personality. It’s impossible to list all the interesting buildings to look out for, but here are a few to get you started on your summer stroll.

The Paramount (Keltic Place)

The Paramount is in the heart of Richmond, just next to the Richmond-Brighouse Canada Line station. With an asymmetrical shape, geometric patterns and big windows, the building is a great introduction to the city.

The Paramount is also home to the Sea to Sky public artwork by Musqueam artist Thomas Cannell, which was featured in last year’s compilation of best public art in Richmond.

Brighouse Fire Hall No. 1

Also in the city centre is Richmond Fire-Rescue’s flagship fire hall at Gilbert Road and Granville Avenue. The 25,240 square-foot facility opened in 2018 and was designed to provide faster response time and produce net zero carbon emission.

If you’re in the area, be sure to check out the Richmond’s Firefighter sculpture by artist Nathan Scott, which commemorates and honours the legacy of Richmond Fire-Rescue.

LingYen Mountain Temple

The LingYen Mountain Temple is just one example of the many beautiful places of worship along Richmond’s No. 5 Road. The road, also known as Highway to Heaven, is home to around 20 religious institutions between Williams Road and Westminster Highway.  

The temple is currently under construction, but is expected to expand by more than 90,000 square feet with eight new buildings.