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Richmond non-profit offers ‘resource store’ for educators

Resources such as craft sets and handmade items are available on the online store.
Richmond Early Years Library
The Richmond Early Years Library offers various educational resource materials for the public to borrow or purchase from.

Richmond educators and parents can now purchase learning materials from a local non-profit’s “resource store.”

The Richmond Early Years Library (REYL), operated by the Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral Centre, has always been lending a variety of educational resources for members of the public to use.

However, with the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, staff at the REYL began to create crafts and learning kits for the public to keep for a small price instead.

“Library staff recognized that not everyone was comfortable borrowing items during the pandemic,” reads an email from Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives.

Learning materials for purchase from the REYL store include craft sets, felt items and handmade miniatures with proceeds going toward improving the REYL.

To purchase items from the store, email or continue borrowing materials by visiting