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Three lesser known places to take Instagram photos in Richmond

Who has their cameras ready?

Richmond is a city with many hidden locations to take photos. While there are popular spots that many people hit up, we are listing a couple of more hidden locations.

Greater Vancouver Sports Club

If you’re looking for colour then this spot is for you. The Greater Vancouver Sports Club is a newly developed area, albeit far from the city centre, with buildings covered in every colour possible and is the perfect backdrop for photos.

There is also a hidden corner with a beautiful mural of flowers and butterflies.

Richmond Olympic Oval

It’s no secret the Richmond Oval is a great spot to take photos, but have you tried visiting at night? Janet Echelman’s Water Sky Garden outdoor artwork lies above a boardwalk over a pond that sets a beautiful backdrop for those looking to take some late-night photos. And because it is outdoors, it is free to visit any time.

Bridge at Terra Nova Rural Park

If you’ve visited Richmond’s Terra Nova Adventure Play Environment, you most likely passed by this hidden bridge. The wooden bridge can be seen across from the parking stalls on River Road. It connects the park to the Terra Nova Nature School in West Richmond.

If you’re feeling fancy, bring a long lens and take some photos from far away for a nature shot.