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Kudos: Local church donates $20,000 to Richmond Hospital

Funds to benefit the hospital foundation's Surgical Restart Campaign and Medical Imaging Centre
Koinonia Evangelical Church
From left to right: Fan Chun, Jamie Lee, Haines Lee, Deacons of Koinonia Evangelical Church; Spencer Gall, Senior Manager, Philanthropy, Richmond Hospital Foundation.

Richmond’s Koinonia Evangelical Church donated $20,000 to benefit the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

The funds donated will help both the foundation’s Surgical Restart Campaign as well as the future Medical Imaging Centre.

A campaign was hosted by the church to lead and inspire the practice of generosity, and offerings from the campaign were collected in May and donated to different local charities including the Richmond Hospital Foundation.

“These past two years have been a true testament to the power of unity and the importance of a strong health care system,” said Reverend Joshua Chow, lead pastor of Koinonia Evangelical Church.

“Communities need to work together to care for and heal each other in the face of adversity. This is a time for us to step up and as a congregation, Koinonians have joyfully pitched in to set a good foundation for health care in the present and for the future.”

Chow added that every person and organization relies on the health care industry sometime in their lives, and by giving back to the hospital, lets the church know they have helped “people of all ages and backgrounds will be impacted for the better.”

The Koinonia Evangelical Church has made contributions to the Richmond Hospital Foundation for years including to the Act Now Campaign and the COVID-19 Response Fund.

“Koinonia Evangelical Church has been supporting Richmond Hospital Foundation and our community of care since 2017,” said Natalie Meixner, president and CEO of Richmond Hospital Foundation.

 “Their $20,000 donation will be instrumental to both the current needs in surgical care and future needs of our Medical Imaging Centre. We thank them for choosing Richmond Hospital Foundation as a beneficiary and extend our heartfelt gratitude for their philanthropy.”