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Kudos: Richmond Christmas Fund receives donation from local youth

Richmond resident reaches $10,000 donation goal
Ava Koldenhof donation
Richmond resident Ava Koldenhof (left) donates to the Richmond Christmas Fund.

A Richmond youth has donated $1,000 to the Richmond Christmas Fund campaign, which will provide presents for kids during the winter holidays.

Ava Koldenhof has been making and selling beaded angels and Christmas ornaments since 2015 in order to raise funds for local charities in non-profits.

"After many years and making loads of angels I’m so extremely excited to make this recent donation to the Richmond Christmas fund to complete my total donation goal of $10,000," said Koldenhof

The program – which is run by Richmond Cares, Richmond Gives (RCRG) – help low-income residents by providing them with toys, grocery vouchers, books and gift cards to ensure they can celebrate the winter holidays just like everyone else.

Like six years ago, Ed Gavsie, president and CEO of RCRG, once again received Koldenhof's donation just like her first donation to the campaign.