Your Voice: What do you think of the Richmond election results?

The Richmond News asked people at Richmond Centre what they thought of the election results. Want to share your thoughts? Take the poll on our homepage or send us a letter to the editor

Raj Jheeta

Holistic medicine

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“It's always a good idea to bring in fresh energy, fresh ideas.”

Josef Chung

Eating lunch

“It's interesting, in terms of being a historic thing.” (On Mayor Malcolm Brodie getting a 7th term)

Rod Bianchini

Trades management

“I think it probably would have been good if (Brodie) wasn't elected ... Just based on some of the rhetoric that he was talking about with Lois Jackson and the tunnel and the bridge.”

Ahmad Quadomi


“I guess he's (Brodie is) a good leader. That's why he's retained.”

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