Your Voice: How do you afford to live and work in Richmond?

A recent report from the Richmond Chamber of Commerce suggests housing affordability is having a big impact on Richmond employers' ability to attract and retain workers. It's put a new focus on the ever-present issue of affordability in the Lower Mainland, so this week the Richmond News asked people how they manage to afford to work (and maybe live) in Richmond. 

Eric Bourne


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"Because I've been living back at home lately. There's no really other option for me at the moment.

If I had to move out and live somewhere, I'd be, like, living on Ramen noodles every day. It wouldn't be possible. I think that's the case for pretty much everybody my age."

Wendy Xiao


"Before I retired, I worked at the airport. I've lived in Richmond for more than 20 years.

For me, I can afford it. Because when I bought the house it's cheap. It was very affordable.

But recently, it's so hard. I don't like it.

Buying a house, (younger people), they cannot afford it."

Adnan Sarwar

Business owner

"It was a struggle for ten years. But I finally solved it by running a business.

You have a $50,000 job and a house costs a million dollars. It will take you 20 years if you saved all your money today to buy that house. If it's $5 million, it will take you 100 years.

So the only solution is to make more money."

Maria Ferrer


"I live in Guilford. I'm applying to a job (here in Richmond).

I would (move to Richmond), but, just, I think living at home is better at the moment. Just because of the prices of the housing.

Being a student and then working it's not really possible."

Brent Bothe

Superintendent of stores

"I go where the work is. I work at all different malls. I have a house in Squamish, I live in North Van and I work in Richmond.

I'm 50. So when I was a kid I had an opportunity to be a first-time homebuyer and have five per cent to buy a home. Kids don't have that now. And I tell my child she'll never have. Unfortunately, they have to deal with that."

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