Your Voice: Have you decided how you’re voting in Richmond’s civic election?

Mario Ferreira


Yeah, but not for Brodie.

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Also, some of the councillors are voting in favour of the big houses on agricultural land. I am against that.

Elhan Albdour


Yeah, but I don't know the people ... I received the voting card, but I don't know who I should select.

Shahir Khan


No, not yet. Things that I'm passionate about are investing in the school system ... and trying to make it more fair for domestic people to afford housing, rather than foreign business people.

I'll probably just look them up online and see how things are. I'll figure out who the candidates are, that'd probably be a good start.

Steven Ng


I watch the news. I know a little bit about the candidates, but because I didn't know I could vote I haven't decided anything.

I think this year there are really a lot of candidates.

I'm quite happy. But in terms of changes, I guess maybe there should be more public transport available. I think for housing, rents are too high.

Tomas Gonsales Ortega


Not yet, there's actually a bazillion options. And some of them I'm not even completely sure what they're supposed to do. I know it's coming Oct. 20, so I know I need to check soon.

Q2: What issues are important to you this election?

We probably need a couple of shelters. Sometimes I see people around. They're homeless. And, I mean, winter's coming. I don't want to sound like Game of Thrones, but it is. And they struggle. They're still citizens here, and we cannot give them the cold shoulder.

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