Tricky Richmond dogs perform on video

To show appreciation for our readers and their canine friends, the News reached out to readers to submit a short video of their four-legged family member’s best tricks and skills.

We had three brave participants who submitted videos to showcase their talents and we ask that the community vote on your favourite one.

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Contestant #1

Dog’s Name: Levi

Age: 8 years

Bio: We adopted our beloved Levi 8 years ago from northern B.C. He is a very good boy and is a cherished member of our family. He has 3 human sisters and 3 feline brothers. His trick skills are very limited, but he tried his best for this video! – Mandy Litchmann

Best trick: sniffing out treats & shaking a paw.

Favourite things to do: Levi loves to swim at MacDonald Beach and take long walks on the dyke.

Contestant #2

Dog’s Name: Wes

Age: 3 years and 10 months

Bio: He is a goldendoodle boy.  He likes having a walk at Steveston village, sometimes off-leash at Bark Park when his mom is on holiday. He is quite well-behaved because he got training since he was 6 months old. – Pierre Lai

Best trick/skill: playing tunnel

Favourite thing to do: fetching ball

Contestant #3

Dog’s Name: Lulu Lai

Age: 3 years

Bio: A Maltese poodle from Taiwan. Lulu is a sweetheart and a smarty who loves nature walks, and of course, her treats. – Belinda Pang

Best trick/skill: Face

Favourite things to do: Nap, eat, hangout at the driving range

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