Thompson Community Centre takes social distancing seriously in their fitness centre

Richmond’s Thompson and South Arm community centres as well as the Minoru Centre for Active Living have re-opened their fitness areas to the public with the addition of various safety measures.

However, Thompson Community Centre appears to have taken “social distancing” to another level by re-arranging their fitness area, gymnasium and recreational room to add extra workout space for members.

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What was originally one fitness area has turned into three spaced fitness rooms.

Sam Samy, with the Thompson Community Centre Board of Directors, said they made a “slight” upgrade to their fitness areas to help members stay safe.

Samy told the Richmond News that they split their gymnasium in half and removed ping pong tables from their recreational room to open up extra space to evenly distribute the fitness equipment from the main fitness centre.

“We took about two-thirds of the equipment from the main fitness centre and distributed to the two other rooms to make sure each person had lots of space while working out on the equipment,” said Samy, adding that a six-by-six foot perimeter is taped around each piece of equipment.

“We want to make sure that we are prepared and take care of everyone since safety is the most important thing to us and for our members.”

Those who register for a fitness-centre session will need to arrive five minutes prior and should only bring their essentials – bags will not be allowed in the fitness centre area.

When members register for their session, they will be given a bottle of disinfectant and a towel, which will be used to clean the equipment before and after they use them.

Thompson Community Centre’s goal, said Samy, is to not only have staff clean, but also encourage members to clean after themselves.

“This shows that members are keen to make sure they are safe from getting the virus, as well as protecting their community members too,” said Samy.

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