Richmond woman organizing curvy clothing swap

A Richmond woman is organizing clothing swap for community members to exchange larger-sized apparel.

It’s called the Curvy Clothing XChange, and it’s happening April 27 in the common room of Erica Macklin’s condo complex.

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“I think a lot of women who are larger, they feel like they don’t deserve to feel good about their body,” she told the Richmond News. “If they could come and get some clothing and be around other big and beautiful women and see the confidence we all have, then maybe they could take some of that confidence away.”

She wanted to be clear the event welcomes cis and transgender women, as well as non-binary and people.

Participants should bring $5 to cover the cost of renting the room, plus their clean, gently used clothing, shoes and jewelry.

Attendees place their clothes on tables around the room according to size, and when all the tables are arranged it’s time to “shop” by taking any clothing you like.

Macklin has been to similar clothing swaps in New Westminster, and decided to bring the idea to Richmond.  She was inspired by her daughter who lost weight and was trying to sell her clothes on Facebook groups so she could afford to buy new ones.

“She’s feeling so good about herself, but when she goes out she’s wearing these giant clothes,” Macklin said.

When her daughter was able to buy a couple of new things that fit her, Macklin said she immediately noticed her increased confidence.

“I saw her mentality about herself completely changed.”

Macklin also thinks those trying to save money will appreciate the swap. Especially since plus-size clothing can be more expensive than equivalent items in smaller sizes, she said.

“You can look at a size 8 pair of pants and the same in a size 22 and will have $5 difference. It can be very deflating”

Macklin hopes the event helps other women find styles they like, and helps them connect with others and build confidence.

“It’s ok for us to feel beautiful and sexy and want to wear beautiful things,” she said. “It’s ok to be a big woman, and it’s ok to be proud and not hide behind these huge ugly (clothes).”

Richmond’s own Go2Girl cleaning service is also lending a hand to the event, helping to organize so everyone’s swapping experience goes smoothly.

For more details, RSVP to the Facebook event.

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