Richmond Sharing Farm and Earnest Ice Cream partners up to bring garlic ice cream back

We’ve heard of green tea ice cream, then whiskey hazelnut, but who would have ever thought about garlic ice cream?

Richmond’s Sharing Farm is partnering with Vancouver-based ice cream maker Earnest Ice Cream to bring back their unique garlic ice cream for the Garlic Festival.

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The exclusive flavor is “made using local B.C. garlic,” said Sarah Drewery, executive director of the Sharing Farm.

Drewery excitedly shared that “(Earnest Ice Cream) devised a recipe just for (the Sharing Farm)” for the upcoming festival, adding that the garlic is believed to be roasted and caramelized to make the ice cream sweeter.

 “When I was looking for a new sponsor, I looked on the Earnest Ice Cream page and they listed their values … which I was like ‘yeah this really lines up’ with (the Sharing Farm’s) values,” explained Drewery.

This is not the first time the local ice cream shop have been a sponsor of the festival.

The Sharing Farm partnered with ice cream makers Say Hello Sweet and Rocky Mountain Ice Cream for previous festivals.

Say Hello Sweet provided a vegan-friendly version of the garlic ice cream last year for the festival.

According to Drewery, the concept of garlic ice cream has been a big part of the Garlic Festival “for a long time, way before” her time, which was at least three years ago.

Visitors can buy the ice cream in a cone or a bowl for $5 at the Garlic Festival happening on Aug. 18.

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