Richmond seniors showing the social-distancing way

The club has since cancelled all of its gatherings, as per government advice

A Richmond seniors run/walk group was showing the way when it comes to social distancing amid the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Forever Young Club – a group of retired seniors who run/walk every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday mornings – got a sparser than usual turnout this week, understandably.

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However, that didn’t stop the few who did show up to go through their usual routine of warming up in the Terra Nova parking lot, before setting off on their usual hour-long jaunt.

The club has since cancelled all of its gatherings, as per government advice.

“(We were) more than an arms-length away from everyone,” said one of the club’s organizers, John Young.

 Usually, after their exercise, the club members all go for a coffee at Richmond Centre.

But that was put on hold due to the shopping centre not allowing people to sit down and be too close.

“We...socialize over coffee for an hour and both are of equal importance to healthy aging,” said Young.

“Like everyone else suffering from the COVID-19 pandemic, our world has been turned upside down – no group exercise and nowhere to go for coffee.

“But, we fully realize that this is a very small problem compared to the serious COVID issues faced by working people and those with young families. 

“I can tell you that many of us, as grandparents, are stepping up and are helping our adult children with daycare and filling in wherever needed.

“We hope that boomer backlash comments do not refer to us.”

Young said he and his wife have also reached out to 22 neighbours, asking if anyone needs help, such as with shopping.

“We discovered that a young family on our block is on a 14-day quarantine after returning from the USA.   

“It was very heartening to see the many responses from our neighbours saying they want to help out as well.”

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