Richmond's Valedictorians: Hugh Boyd secondary

With the pandemic putting paid to large gatherings, including Class of 2020 graduation ceremonies, the Richmond News reached out to the school district’s Valedictorians for them to share their speeches with their families, friends and our readers.

This week, the News will be publishing their abbreviated versions online and in print as they come into our newsroom.

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By Nicholas Berda

Valedictorian at Hugh Boyd secondary


There is no doubt that enduring a pandemic is intimidating, but when we recover, and we will, our generation will drive and reflect a changing world where the new normal is shaped by us.

In essence, society will experience a significant reset, and rather than the class most people feel sorry for, we will be entering adulthood as this way of life’s most energetic influencers.

Covid19 is not a reason to stop or be timid of what’s next, it’s the impetus to make something different happen, something we will generate for those before and after us.

Our voices are going to be important, and while it feels like only yesterday that we entered kindergarten, it will feel like tomorrow that we are the decision makers and leaders.

Don’t worry about next month or next year; do something today that makes you happy, confident and connected.

Dr. Martin Luther King once said, “you don’t have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step.”

Trojans, today is that initial step, and regardless of where it leads you, it’s the first of many on a path made uniquely by you, for you and for all of us.

Before my last few words, I want to extend an enormous thank you to our teachers, our families and our communities; without your guidance, patience and care, today would be much different for all of us.

So my classmates, my friends, my teammates, and my peers, we have finally reached the finish line of our high school careers.

It has been an amazing and inspiring run and I wish you all by the best of luck through the new adventures that await your ambitions.

I congratulate you for staying home, staying safe and being ready to stay the course or find a new one.

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