Richmond RCMP celebrated Multiculturalism Day with coin series

The Richmond RCMP presented their cultural coins series to the City of Richmond in celebration of Multiculturalism Day.

The series represents the “interconnectedness” between the police force and each of the seven communities and was created to “embrace and celebrate the rich diversity” of the cultural groups in Richmond.

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“It was important to us to create a lasting momento that demonstrated the strong ties and links we have to the people within our community,” said Supt. Will Ng, officer in charge of the Richmond RCMP.

“We were so fortunate to be able to work alongside respected members from each of these communities to create these coins.”

In total, there are seven coins each representing the Jewish community, Christian community, Buddhist community, Hindu community focused around Diwali, Islamic and Muslim communities focused around Eid, Sikh community focused around Vaisaki and the Chinese community.

Richmond RCMP cultural series
Richmond RCMP cultural series represents the seven cultural communities in the city. Photo: Richmond RCMP

According to the Richmond RCMP, Richmond is an extremely diverse city with more than 60 per cent of its population having been outside of the country and is considered the “highest proportion of any municipality nationwide.”

The cultural series was launched in 2019 where the Richmond RCMP worked alongside with members and respected leaders from various local groups in the community to design each coin.

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