Richmond newspaper carrier accepts challenge

Newspaper carriers are vital in connecting newspaper production to the community and they deserve recognition this week in celebration of Carrier Appreciation Day on Oct. 12.

One of these carriers is seven-year-old Ethan Croft, who has been a newspaper carrier for the Richmond News for the past year and has taken up a second route to show how important this job is for him.

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Meeting new people every day is one of two things that drive his motivation to perfect his job of delivering the newspaper to everyone in his neighbourhood – second being that paycheque to buy his favourite things.

Croft is working hard towards a new LEGO set with the money he is saving up.

The job as a carrier is challenging to him especially when he had to learn his new route, Croft said.

Jennifer Croft, Ethan’s mother, said that they worked together learning the new routes and taking their time to familiarize with the new route.

She is very proud to see him being responsible and taking his job seriously by making sure everything gets done.

“He always asks me how much money (he) has in (his) account and how much more (he) has to save up to buy something. It’s awesome,” said Jennifer.

When Ethan isn’t out and about delivering the news to his neighbours, he is working hard towards his yellow belt in taekwondo or playing video games during his down time.

Growing up, he wants to meet more people and see more locations with a specific career in mind.

“I want to be a school bus driver when I grow up,” said Ethan, adding that he often sees a lot of kids getting on school buses for convenience to and from different locations.

Ethan officially started his carrier job when he filled in for one of his neighbours when they were on holidays, said Jennifer Croft, his mother.

“It’s hard work, but he enjoys doing it,” said Jennifer, adding that even though one of his routes has 105 papers to deliver, he does it without complaint.

The mother-son duo often looks forward to prize draws for newspaper carriers.

Prize draws often include tickets to see baseball or football games, which is how the Crofts got to experience their first BC Lions game.

Ethan encourages other kids to become a newspaper carrier because it’s not just about earning money for what you want to buy, but a way for “other kids to learn to be responsible.”

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