Indoor activities families can do over the long weekend

With limited options on what families can do outside this upcoming long weekend, here is a list of 10 things parents can do indoors together with their kids for Easter:

An Easter egg hunt
The classic Easter egg hunt can be done anywhere inside the house.

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Bake and decorate cookies
Get creative with your family and see who decorates their cookies the best.

Learn cooking safety, basic skills or try a new recipe
Cooking safety is important for kids to learn and if families want more of a challenge, learn a new recipe together.

Have a board game night
Take a break from technology and have a friendly competition (or not) in different board games.

Watch a movie together
Pop some popcorn and choose a movie the family hasn’t watched yet.

Have a family paint night
Choose a theme for the family to paint or try painting portraits of each other.

Start a scrapbook or gratitude journal
Get creative with pictures and notes to make a scrapbook or start a journal on all the things you enjoy and appreciate.

Write letters to family and friends
Send some letters to friends and family who you haven’t seen or talked to in awhile.

Try an easy science experiment
There are many experiments that use items already in the house like making homemade ice cream in a bag or making invisible ink using lemon juice.

Make a time capsule
Write a letter to your future self or find a memorable item to put into a container. Bury or hide it as a family and set a date in the future to open it again.

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