Best of Richmond: A moment with Chris and Angela Dinnell

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Chris and Angela Dinnell

Chris and Angela Dinnell are a husband and wife real estate team that stretches beyond helping people buy and sell homes.

It’s their community values and roots in Richmond make them an easy choice for many locals here in Richmond.

The pair is frequently connected to many charitable causes, including the Richmond Food Bank, which Chris has previously acknowledged for helping him earlier in his life.

 Q & A

  • What do you like best about Richmond?

The diversity of our land here. We have access to water, beaches, farm areas, city life and tons of green space. 

  • How do you stay healthy in Richmond?

We have built a home gym since Covid!  We also get out to walk daily, all different places around the city.

  • What’s your favourite sliver of nature in Richmond?

Macdonald Beach would be our favourite.  

  • What song best describes Richmond?

That’s too tough to answer!

  • Where in Richmond do you like to take out-of-town guests?

 Steveston, 100%. It’s our favorite place in Richmond.

  • Is there an adaption to COVID-19 that’s been made that you’d like kept. (ie, working from home, one way traffic in Steveston, automatic walk signs)

Working from home is great, for those that can and have made those adjustments.  It’s fantastic for reduced pollution, traffic, less accidents, and stress of commuting.  It also allows more time for families to spend doing things they love.

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