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UPDATE: Video: Freaky, cheeky Halloween sights in Richmond

UFO and mooning zombie spotted in southwest of the city

With Halloween now upon us, there are some freaky sights to be seen all over Richmond this week.

None more so than down Westwind way, where residents will get to see a life-size, crash-landed UFO — complete with landing lights and an alien — created by Flamingo Court native George Simnos.

Simnos, a home-improvement specialist by trade, was given the idea by a neighbour about a month ago.

Simnos immediately got to work on the spaceship, made of wood and metal, which will take pride of place on Halloween in his neighbour’s garden in the community southwest of No. 2 Road and Steveston Highway.

“It was a great idea and the kids absolutely love it,” said Simnos.

“It was supposed to be less extravagant, but I just couldn’t help but have fun with it.”

Just around the corner from Simnos, at 11400 Kestrel Drive, a local favourite has one again bared all for the public.

An as-yet unnamed zombie-like character, created every year by Carl Boyce, is carrying out his annual “mooning,” showing off his giant, bright orange, pumpkin cheeks!

“(Carl) does this every year, the kids in the neighbourhood kind of expect it now,” said Boyce’s partner, Charan Gill, as she pulled the fly back up on her zombie’s pants.

Gill said several sabotage attempts have been made on the cheeky zombie over the years, with limited success.

“We just love Halloween and we’ve just finished our annual pumpkin-carving event as well,” she added, pointing to a long line of creations decorating her path.

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