Oval hosts B.C. Butterfly Open

Tournament attracts top players from Western Canada and Washington State

B.C. Table Tennis Association’s 2019 B.C. Butterfly Open showcased players of all ages and ability to the Richmond Olympic Oval on Saturday.

This is the only three star level tournament in the country west of Toronto and annually attracts top players from Western Canada and Washington State.

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Among the highlight results were bronze medals earned by Jason Zhang and Andy Chen. They earlier helped the Burnett Breakers capture the B.C. Secondary Schools Table Tennis Championship back in February.

Here is a rundown of the top finishers in each division:

Open Singles: 1. Richard Ho (B.C.) 2. Lucas Wu (B.C.) 3. Jason J.C. Zhang (B.C.).

U-21000 Singles: 1. David Mendelstam (B.C.) 2. Osama Tadros (B.C.) 3. Andy Chen (B.C.)/Zijian Lu (Alberta).

U-17000 Singles: 1. Jack Zhang (B.C.) 2. Nan Li (B.C.) 3. Sam Ghafour (B.C.)/Zijian Lu (Alberta).

U-14000 Singles: 1. Tian Qi Feng (B.C.) 2. Kay Liu (B.C.) 3. Yukihiro Harada (B.C.)/Nan Li (B.C.).

U-1100 Singles: 1. Ramana Vaidya (B.C.) 2. Bill Li (B.C.) 3. Sharookh Daroowala (B.C.)/Tiffany Liu (B.C.).

U-800 Singles: 1. Ramana Vaidya (B.C.) 2. Joe Ng (B.C.) 3. Stephen Wen (B.C.) and Jiayu Zhu (B.C.).

U-600 Singles: 1. Joe Ng (B.C.) 2. Shahin Sharad (B.C.) 3. Zonggang Li (B.C.)/Daniel Wu (B.C.).

U-400 Singles: 1. Sidney Che (B.C.) 2. Owen Yu (B.C.) 3. Louise Fan (B.C.)/Howard Zhang (B.C.)).

U-2800 Doubles: 1. Ge Fan/Tian Qi (B.C.) 2. Nan Li/Jack Zhang (B.C.) 3. Kanak0 Abe/Terry Shi (B.C.), Ethan Chen/Zifeng Lin (B.C.).

Over 55 Men’s Singles: 1. Sheung Chon Lee (B.C.) 2. Yukihiro Harada (B.C.) 3. Sharookh Daroowala/Dong Kang (B.C.).

Over 70 Men’s Singles: 1. Hiroshi Takaki (B.C.) 2. Arn Coleman (B.C.) 3. Man Tak Chai (B.C.).

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