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Immersive Mandarin and unique STEM programs offer students ample opportunities at this Richmond private school

Richmond's world-class Chaoyin International School blends Western and Chinese culture

Research shows that speaking more than one language offers many lifelong advantages, such as open-mindedness and cultural sensitivity, not to mention intellectual benefits. Giving children such language advantages is all the more critical in our present global community. 

Chaoyin International School (CIS) is at the forefront of giving its students this advantage and is the first of its kind in Richmond to offer a bilingual Mandarin program.

Opened in September 2021, CIS is a private elementary school—one of the newest schools in British Columbia—that provides Kindergarten to Grade 7 students with a rigorous, innovative, and inspiring educational program, including a Mandarin language program combined with STEM-focused learning opportunities. 

These initiatives focus on developing students' academic skills while nurturing their physical, social and emotional health. Chaoyin operates from the renewed curriculum of the B.C. Ministry of Education, which many academic experts believe is one of the top-ranking education systems in the world.

An enriching learning environment

The modern campus is a state-of-the-art academic facility, offering the best interactive technologies and resources that reflect the evolving needs of young students to prepare them for an interconnected world. It's equipped with spacious classrooms, a science lab, a gymnasium, a playground, and a playing field while sparing no detail to ensure students receive the most enriching experience possible.

Parents will gain peace of mind when enrolling their child in Chaoyin, knowing their journey to building early foundational steps in literacy, numeracy, and language skills, especially English and Mandarin, is key to progressing successfully towards secondary school and preparation for Canada's top universities and other worldwide post-secondary institutions. 

Along with proven student management methods, CIS provides a range of assessment methods: PM Benchmark, Fountas & Pinnell, and IXL personalized learning and diagnostic system.

CIS retains an experienced leadership team encompassing several decades of K–12 education, including Paul Fraser, head of school, with nearly 30 years of experience within the B.C. education system. With Fraser's extensive experience as a principal and B.C. school inspector, it's easy to see why CIS is optimal for helping your child reach their highest potential.

Chaoyin embraces developing well-rounded students and offers many opportunities for clubs, sports, drama, music, leadership, service, technology, fine arts, and athletics. The wide range of after-school activities include robotics, coding, dancing, basketball, public speaking, visual arts, martial arts, and more.

Benefits of the Mandarin Language Program

One of the most unique aspects of Chaoyin is that your child will explore, understand and appreciate the cultures of the Mandarin-speaking world through the Mandarin program, which follows the teaching of immersive language learning. In their Mandarin immersion program, most instructional language is conducted in Mandarin, and English is only utilized to support students' understanding of tasks.

Students will learn daily in both Mandarin and English within small class sizes to provide individual attention and broaden their cultural life through access to literature, art, and music in another language. 

Importance of STEM-based curriculum

CIS classroom teachers and specialists have also implemented a STEM-based curriculum whereby students can explore with a greater emphasis on science, technology, engineering, and mathematics. By offering a project-based approach to education, Chaoyin integrates academics with arts education to promote creativity, divergent thinking, and imagination, where each project is designed to encourage a love for learning.

STEM is especially important in elementary school because it aims for personalized learning; each lesson allows student-centred opportunities and flexibility to create and test their solutions. Moreover, students can work independently or in a group while focusing on their team-building and communication skills and develop their critical and creative thinking to better prepare them to be successful in the workplace.

CIS emerged as a progressive leader in B.C. education and will set a high standard for academic excellence.

To learn more about what CIS offers, you are welcome to attend its Open House on February 22 from 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. for an opportunity to tour the facilities and meet some of the faculty and students.

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