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From dough to donation: Enjoy popular baked goods guilt-free as local bakery donates sales to Richmond Food Bank

COBS Bread Blundell Centre’s upcoming fundraiser aims to feed Richmond’s most in need
Andrew Gunn, owner of COBS Bread Blundell Centre in Richmond, embodies gratitude and community, dedicating the past four years to paying it forward, one loaf at a time. Photo via COBS Bread Blundell

If ever the “good vibes only” credo could be applied to a business, Andrew Gunn’s place of work would be a leading candidate.

As owner of COBS Bread Blundell Centre in Richmond, Gunn and his team work almost exclusively in this space: he makes exceptionally good bread and treats, alongside a passionate team whose goal is to deliver goodness to an eager customer base.

“There’s nothing more pleasing to a baker than to see a family with two full bags of bread and treats,” Gunn says. “To see the excitement on their faces, that look of pleasure – it’s a really hard feeling to beat.”

Recognizing his fortunate lot in life, along with his keen sense of community, Gunn has made a habit of paying it forward over his last four years in business.

And this year, he’s hoping to take that altruism to the next level.

Come March 2, $2 from every six-pack of hot cross buns will be donated to the Richmond Food Bank, one of numerous charities Gunn and his team support.

Donations are being collected as of now, while Gunn has also committed to matching all donations until early March.

“We know that if we can help create some sense of community and help take care of the people within our community, the people in the community will take care of us and each other,” Gunn says. “I think everybody deserves this kind of help.”

Gunn’s philanthropic endeavours have been ongoing since he and his wife took over the COB’s location at Blundell four years ago. Items not sold over the course of a day – loaves of bread, pizzas, scones, treats and all manner of goodness – are always donated to the food bank and other beneficiaries in Richmond.

Starting March 2, $2 from every six-pack of hot cross buns sold at COBS bakery in Blundell goes to Richmond Food Bank. Photo via COBS Bakery Blundell

It’s through these commitments that more than 200 sandwiches a day are donated to kids who go to school without a lunch throughout the city.

To put Gunn’s giving in perspective, he estimates more than $800,000 worth of bread has been donated to the food bank alone – enough to fill somewhere between five and 10 school buses.

“We live in the community and we know that in order to have good schools, good playgrounds for the kids and to have a good community, it takes everybody chipping in to that,” Gunn says.

And in keeping with those themes of goodness, one look at Gunn’s menu can border on sensory overload.

For breads, the variety is immense: numerous sourdoughs; high-fibre white bread; ultra-nutritious cape seed bread; apricot delight; and whole wheat and country grain lines that are free of sugar, dairy and preservatives.

If treats and meals are your jam, there’s four types of scones; cinnamon buns; seasonal hot cross buns; breakfast croissants; artisan pizzas and baguettes made according to authentic French recipe specs.

“Our business is all about fresh baking on site, freshly baked every single day, the best bread you’ll ever eat along with some delicious snacks and treats that are shared between thousands of people every week,” Gunn says.

To learn more about our beloved local COBS Bread Bakery, visit them in-store, or online at