People face stiff fines for not clearing Burnaby sidewalks

People in the City of Burnaby are digging out today (Monday) from a couple days of heavy snow.

Residents and business owners are being reminded that they must clear sidewalks of snow and ice for the safety of pedestrians.

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According to the city, owners or occupiers of single-family, two-family, multi-family, industrial, commercial or institutional properties are responsible for:

  • Removing any snow or ice accumulation from all sidewalks surrounding their property; and
  • Snow and ice to be removed no later than 10:00 AM every day, including holidays, per Section 31 of Burnaby's Street and Traffic Bylaw


Burnaby's Bylaw Notice Enforcement Bylaw was updated in 2017 and increased the fines for not removing snow and ice from sidewalks. City staff will be inspecting properties when complaints are received about uncleared sidewalks, and may issue the following fines:

Fines range from $100 to $400.

Learn the correct way to remove snow this winter with the city’s Do's and Don'ts page.

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