Letter: Vaporizers can cut stench in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Something stinks in Richmond,” Letters, Aug. 8.

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The letter by J. Booth, caused me to ponder the topic of cannabis consumption.

I agree with Booth, burning cannabis does produce a strong smell that can travel to a neighbour’s property and be a nuisance. But because we are dealing with one Canadian’s right to smoke cannabis on his property on one side, and a nuisance created by that right on the other, we should approach the manner delicately and earnestly.

Now, the action of smoking cannabis is not what caused J. Booth’s distress, it was the strong odour. With that in mind, there are methods of toking up in a less stinky manner. Some vaporizers incinerate the weed, significantly reducing the amount of smoke produced, and what smoke it does produce does not smell as powerfully. It’s also a healthier way of consuming the plant.

The city should encourage cannabis consumers to use vaporizers by allowing stores, such as Canadian Tire, Shoppers and B.C. Liquor Stores, to sell the product — at the moment its prohibited. We won’t be rejoicing in harmonious equanimity soon, but we can start heading in that direction.

Daniel Pascual


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