Letter: Something stinks in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Now that warmer weather is here and our windows are open, I am finding it very difficult to get some sleep.  

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I settle into bed and just as I am about to fall into sleep-land I get a whiff of a wretched odour. At first I think it is a skunk that has decided to spray somewhere in the neighbourhood.  After about 20 minutes of almost being able to taste this disturbing smell, I am able to breathe freely again and nod off to sleep.

It is a little earlier than I would like to arise; however that same disgusting odour is wafting in the bedroom window once again.   What a way to wake up — the stench of someone’s habit polluting the air! Again, after I am (now) awake, the stench lessens and I get up and get ready for the day.

I am busy in and out all day and now home to make supper. Oh lovely, that (now) familiar odour is back in the house. I certainly don’t want to be cooking or having food out with this distasteful odour around...  and I certainly don’t want to be eating a meal while this stench hangs in the air.

I went to bed earlier last night hoping to avoid the revolting odour — and it worked. I got to sleep: however, an hour later I woke up to the sickening odour billowing in from next door.

I understand that some people need this product for medical purposes. Although, it can also be purchased in pill form, which does not smell up the neighbourhood. If this must be taken in the inhaled form, then I would expect the users would at least be considerate of others by smoking in a place where it would not waft into their neighbours’ windows.

Obviously, the legalization of recreational use of this product was promised to get votes, but no thought was given to those who would receive the discomforts of the dreadful odour, including lack of sleep and medical conditions from second-hand cannabis/marijuana smoke.

Perhaps Mr. J.T. will increase Canada’s medical budget for illnesses related to second-hand cannabis/marijuana smoke, including ailments caused from lack of sleep.

I suppose I will be looking for a 16th floor location – or WAIT – does smoke rise?    Perhaps an underground basement suite is in order. Too bad in Richmond that is not a possibility. 

Now I am sorry I stayed in this afternoon to write this. While I am sitting at my computer that atrocious odour is sneaking through the blind.

J. Booth


P.S. I now have exhaust fans going but some of the odour still sneaks through.

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