Letter: Don't shame Richmond kids, help us

Dear Editor,

Re: “Can Striking Students Take Next Step?” Letters,  Oct. 3.

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Although I do not live in Richmond, Wes Fung’s letter has caught my eye as I am a high school student and the issue of global warming is close to my heart.

Wes Fung’s letter has raised some interesting points for me. The idea of looking at oneself before looking at others is a general truth that I feel we should all embrace – both young and old alike.

Wes Fung clearly has the same goal as us – to help our shared planet. However, instead of shaming teenagers based using examples that reinforce certain stereotypes, I feel it would more effective to encourage and inspire the younger generations. Of course, there will always be some people who are not mindful of their carbon footprints, but we could perhaps focus on those who are willing to change their lifestyle habits for the good of our environment.

The striking students may not have brought about actual change – but their symbolic effort should be respected and supported by adults, who are their role models.

Together – young and old – we can, should and will change the world.

Christine Gao (Grade 9)


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