Letter: Can striking students take the next step?

Dear Editor,

Though I applaud their efforts, perhaps young climate strikers should address climate change by first looking into the mirror…and not just for zits… to ponder their own carbon footprint: cel phones, laptops, computer games, designer brands and being driven to school.

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The internet gives young people access to more knowledge than previous generations, but they lack the understanding underlying that knowledge. Understanding comes with age, maturity and experience.

Welcome to the “big peoples” world…a place fraught with bills, taxes, mortgages, cellulite and “Dad bods” — a place where parents work (many at jobs being protested against) to keep your bellies full and houses warm.

Human activity is accelerating global warming. Sadly, in the battle between environment and world economies, the environment almost always loses. This is especially true in third world countries where many of the problems are caused by multinational conglomerates striving to enrich first world investment portfolios.

Student awareness of our environment crisis is a start, lessons learned early generally blossom in adulthood. Being our future leaders, maybe they can bring about real change.

Or they’ll realize the unfairness in the world as we did, becoming jaded, cynical, and greedier as earth continues to heat up and Frosty the Snowman becomes extinct.

Wes Fung


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