Letter: Cannabis smoke in Richmond could kill

Dear Editor,

Re: “Something stinks in Richmond,” Letters, Aug. 8.

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I agree with J. Booth about the stench of cannabis/marijuana that invades our homes. We have the added challenge of having a family member who is anaphylactic to all cannabis, so when that stench starts coming into our home we need to close all windows, doors, seal off vents and turn our air purifiers on full to avoid a potentially lethal reaction.

I am sure we are not the only family with a member allergic to cannabis. We have contacted all three levels of government about our concerns but to no avail.

Now, we have to deal with the added challenge of a marijuana warehouse and potential grow operation on No. 9 Road, which is very close to where we live. Not enough thought has gone into how cannabis can adversely affect the public.

D. Tabata


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