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Letters: Why is Minoru seniors centre closed?

A Richmond News reader is questioning the continued closure of parts of the Minoru Centre for Active Living
The Minoru Centre for Active Living

Dear Editor,

There was a time when the right action was to close the seniors centre and keep it closed, but that time has long passed.

The City of Richmond has had the swimming pool and gym open for a long time but has kept the seniors centre closed.

They now think they have done a lot by opening the cafeteria.

Why is the billiard room, wood shop and all activity rooms still closed? 

This is totally contrary to the latest B.C. guidance regarding COVID-19.

The billiard room could have been opened months ago as it is easy to follow appropriate COVID-19 protocols when you are playing a game which has a 5’x10’ table in the middle.

With masks and hand cleaning this could have been safely opened months ago.

As well, most seniors have been fully vaccinated for some time. 

For many seniors, the centre and its activities are a significant part of their social lives.

Opening on Sept. 7 is about four months later than it should have been opened.

Jerry Schmidt