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Letters: Time to save lives in Richmond is now

Richmond News reader is willing to pay extra taxes so that firefighters can provide a wider range of services
Paramedics say they are burning out, especially with extra pressures from COVID-19.

Dear Editor,

Re: “Calls for emergency integration,” News, Jan. 7.

I agree totally with Coun. Carol Day and others who are urging the City of Richmond to provide Richmond firefighters with additional training and capabilities required to provide lifesaving treatments to people needing such assistance in emergency situations.

It is folly and a waste of critical time and resources not to provide such training to firefighters, especially during this chaotic time when so many of city and provincial health-related services are already stretched to the limit, here and around the province. This issue should be of the highest priority to city council and all related municipal and provincial services.

As a long-time Richmond taxpayer, I’m willing to pay higher taxes to ensure such essential services are properly funded and developed in a timely manner. This is not the time for procrastination and studies. We are in a crisis situation and we must respond accordingly.

Marshall Letcher