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Letters: Pedestrians, please wear something bright

Richmond News reader pleads with pedestrians to do as much as possible to be seen
Roadside tribute
A roadside tribute has been laid for the woman who died on No. 2 Road during the holidays in Richmond

Dear Editor,

The tragic pedestrian fatality while crossing No. 2 Road at Andrews Road on Dec. 26 prompts me to write this letter.

Further south on No. 2 Road is another crosswalk, but this one has flashing amber lights as well as amber strobe lights to advise drivers of someone wanting to cross the road. The one at Andrews Road has nothing.

We need the same at the Andrews Road crosswalk. If a driver is not familiar with this area, there is absolutely no indication of this crosswalk’s existance, or that a pedestrian wishes to cross at this location until you are practically on it, especially in the dark.

Finally, if a pedestrian is wearing dark clothing, it is extremely difficult for a driver to see you. Please wear something bright at night so you can be seen by drivers.

Ralph Heldt