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Letters: Stop drug use, especially in hospitals

Richmond News reader advocates for harsh punishment for dealers and mandatory rehab for those with substance-use disorder.
Richmond Hospital
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Dear Editor,

This government needs to get its act together.

Am I the only person in B.C. who is fed up with this government's relaxing of drug use laws?

Come on, you guys, it's not working, now it has spread to drug use in hospitals, as if health care professionals do not have enough to worry about.

What's going on here?

It is high time for a severe shake-up here and there is only one answer to this problem, and coming up with a Task Force to investigate and deal with it is a joke.

Punishment and I mean real punishment for dealers, and for repeat addicts, serious rehabilitation, whether you want help or not. Mandatory rehab.

Don’t use drugs.

Brian Barnes


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