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Letters: Steveston's Super Grocer reminds me of my childhood

A Richmond News reader mourns the loss of a beloved neighbourhood store recently lost to a fire.
The building that used to host Steveston's Super Grocer was destroyed in a fire.

Dear Editor,

Re: "Video: Steveston Super Grocer fire fills skies with plumes of smoke"

I am a senior living in beautiful Steveston village, originally born and bred Northern Irish and lived in Toronto from 1982 to 2013.

My son with my daughter-in-law lived on Moncton Street and my only daughter now resides in White Rock.

I am completely mobile and I do drive my car.

Growing up in Ireland as a child til my teenage days, we had a similar family store to Super Grocer on our street corner.

I remember my mother pushing her pram with my then two brothers to this store named the Bobby Brennan Shop.

I was to stand outside to watch the babies in the pram while mammy went into the store to buy her slices of fresh ham and bacon.

The owners had a big slice machine for that plus a cheese slicer — one of the reasons the shop was so popular.

And so my heart broke when our Steveston Super Grocer was burned to the ground, not to be rebuilt again.

I also used the post office and pharmacy like all the local residents who frequented this amazing gem of a happy family store. 

To me, like all the patrons, the greatest loss is the beautiful scents from the displays of fresh flowers and plants.

It was always a joy for me to choose and purchase fresh flowers for my living room.

My heart is full of sorrow for the owners. This store shall remain in my heart for the rest of my life, with the same joyful memories as my childhood memories.

Maureen M.E. Smyth


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